Winter Wonderland and the slippery steps


 Don’t get railings when it’s too late, get them now or before the snow starts falling.  Check out our website at to see the full line of different design railings, whether they are railings with rings, railings with spears, or railings with an ornamental design!

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Custom Pipe Railings

This is our newest railings project in Southfield, Michigan.  These custom pipe railings were done at the Raymond James Building in Southfield.  This was a special project considering the wonderful location and the uniqueness of the radius.  You can visit our website at to see other styles of railings we have done in Southfield.

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Quick Reminder before the snow falls

We here at Troy Fence wanted to remind everyone to get their porches ready before the heavy winter comes.  Many porches in the Metroy Detroit area have more than two steps with no railings.  Than one day a snow and ice storm comes along and make it a winter wonderland.  Later that day they have a neighbor come by to drop off some cookies and slip and fall on their steps because THEY HAVE NO RAILINGS!  Don’t be that neighbor with no railings!  We always like to encourage people to get their hand railings installed before the winter instead of waiting until someone falls because of their steps or for some other reason that they need railings before they come home.  Check out our website at to see the full line of different railings that we do.  We specialize in iron railings and aluminum railings in the Metro Detroit Area, including areas such as Troy, Ferndale, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, and Sterling Heights.

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Steps for installing aluminum railings

Glass Railings

Custom aluminum railings before the glass is installed

So we love to show the details on the work that we do.  These aluminum railings featured again ( like in our previous blog) show the craftsmanship and details on the aluminum balcony railings and how they are installed.  This is a tricky trade and takes skills to install correctly and of course needs to be built correctly.  These railings are shown with out the glass, here you can notice the bracket on the top and bottom where the glass slips in.  You can go on to our website to see our full line of different iron railings, aluminum railings, as well as all different types of fences at

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Custom Aluminum Stair Railings

This is was fun and unique and is still in the works.  Troy Fence has made custom aluminum balcony railings with glass inserted in them.  On the stair portion we installed custom aluminum railings with balusters.  These railings were installed on a large outdoor patio looking out onto a gorgeous lake so the home owners wanted railings that were simple and elegant and didn’t distrub the view.  These glass railings in Oakland County have become more and more popular with homes on lakes and for obvious reasons.  We also build custom iron balcony railings that have minimal distrubance in view.  You can check out our website.custom bronze powder coat

Custom bronze aluminum railings
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Glass railings

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Staying up to Date!

Hello customers and potential customers and welcome to our blog!  We’ve had a busy year and haven’t had much time to keep up daily on our blogging but we do appreciate you taking a look and seeing our products!


For those of you who haven’t taken a look at our blog or website please let me introduce ourselves.  We are a local fence company in Oakland County, specifically in Troy.  We work in the tri-county area of Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne Coutny.  We do all different types of fences such as aluminum fencing, wrought iron fencing, vinyl privacy, vinyl picket fences, pressure treated wood privacy, western red cedar privacy fence either in shadow box or solid dog earred, as well as chain link fencing!  We also specialize in wrought iron railings and aluminum railings.  To check out everything that we have to offer please visit our website at and thanks for visiting our blog!

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Aluminum fence-iron fence

It’s always cool to be able to offer all different types and styles of fence.  Our #1 seller this year by far has been our aluminum fence.  We offer the aluminum fencing in bronze powder coat and in black powder coat.  You can check out our website at to see the different aluminum fence styles we offer.  We have aluminum fences with 2 horizontal rails, with 3 horizontal rails and even aluminum fencing with 4 horizontal rails.  Besides doing aluminum fencing we also offer aluminum handrail, aluminum guardrails, and aluminum wall mounts.  We do all different custom railings in the Metro Detroit Area such as railings in Troy, fencing in Bloomfield Hills, fencing in Rochester Hills, privacy fence in Royal Oak and much more.  Again check out our website at to see a full site of all our products!

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Powder Coated Bronze Aluminum

Bronze Aluminum driveway gate and fence


We sure hope everyone is enjoying this summer as much as we are.  The past few days it feels like the summer mornings are getting cooler than they were just a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, most of our customers request a black powder coat for our iron and aluminum products.  The past few years things have been chaning up and many more people are requesting bronze powder coat.  The name may throw some people off but bronze is really a dark brown that accents the nature are the materials.This photo shows an aluminum fence with an aluminum driveway gate in bronze powder coat.  We love doing bronze powder coat because it really is a lovely accents to a front porch or a backyard.

You can see all our products at

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Standard Railings with custom scrolls and radius

R-1 custom railings on a radius

It’s always fun building these types of custom iron railings.  First off this is a classic spin off a standard R-1 iron railing which is really the most common type of hand railing we do.  To spruce of the railing the homeowners chose to add a beutiful onrnamental scroll that would accent the patio railings with out being over whelming and powering.  In additional to this ornamental scroll the railing was build to match the radius of the custom pavered patio. 

All out iron railings, fences, and gates are powder coated and primed to last a life time, along with our iron products we also custom build our own aluminum products such as aluminum pool fences, aluminum pedestrian and driveway gates, and aluminum railings.

You can take a look at our website to see the variety of different types of fences, gates and railings at

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